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November 20, 2011

Friends of the Library announce "Cash Savers" week, 11/20-11/26

When at Clark's, think 0007

FOLcashsavers smallPlease raise your hand if you have not received an appeal for funds in your mailbox. Thought so. In Telluride as in the rest of the world, t'is the season for eggnog and philanthropy. But what if giving to your favorite nonprofit were as easy as shopping for food? Got to put food on your table, no?

Here's the lowdown. If you are a regular customer of Clark's Market, then you should know about the Cashsavers program, a fundraiser that allows shoppers to contribute to the community in a unique way. And it's simple. The store's computer keeps track of how much we customers have spent based on any four-digit number we establish. Every $30 purchased equals one Cashsaver slip, which can be spent on extremely discounted goods OR - and here's the punch line – saved up and placed in a box to support the nonprofit of the week. For every slip an organization collects, Clark's donates 50 cents. Lots of Telluride nonprofits have collected hundreds of dollars through Cashsavers. Just ask Nancy Landau, president of the Friends of the Library and she'll tell you about the dishwashers, sink, dispel and faucet, a whole kitchen package for the Program Room at the Wilkinson Public Library purchased with funds raised through Cashsavers last year.

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November 18, 2011

Dog's Best Friend: Retrieving Kitty

I always enjoy posting Ted Hoff's videos from Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel. Ted's way of being with dogs is apparent in the videos he shoots, and they are always informative and fun.

Sometimes there is a submission that is just too much fun to post only once, and "Retrieving Kitty" is one of those. Enjoy!


November 17, 2011

Locals' show at Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, 11/22/2011

Thanksgiving show is all about RED

Frank painting for TGFATuesday, November 22, (5:30 – 7:30 p.m.) is a red letter day for the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art. And we mean that literally. A red letter day is memorable and joyful and this year's Thanksgiving show is all about celebrating local artists and the Gallery's enduring connection to that community. The theme is RED.

In his treatise "Concerning the Spiritual in Art, " painter/philosopher Wassily Kandinsky postulates that art should be given the freedom to express itself as freely as music does. Like music, colors trigger emotional and visceral responses. For Kandinsky the "unbounded warmth" of red has an irresponsible appeal that "rings inwardly with a determined and powerful intensity." Acknowledging the many shades of red, he contends that a light warm red gives a feeling of "strength, vigor, determination, triumph. In music, it is a sound of trumpets, strong, harsh and ringing." On the other hand, vermillion is "a red with a feeling of sharpness, like flowing steel which can be cooled by water."

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Fashion Friday: Stretch cotton leggings with suede patches

Fash Fri-leggings:patchesIn this week's installment of Fashion Friday, fashionista Kristin Holbrook of Telluride's Two Skirts focuses on a trend with legs – literally and figuratively.

Leggings date back to the 16th century. Now as back in the Renaissance, leggings perform a double job: layering piece and slimming fashion statement. Leggings transition easily from day to date, working as gym wear and street wear. Some leggings are the result of cross breeding: when a super tight jean and denim spandex merge, the result is a jegging. When a suede patch gets added to stretch cotton, the look plays into yet another trend, color blocking.

Kristin likes what Minnie Rose does with stretch cotton leggings with suede patch knees. Click the "play" button to find out how to wear the look this fall.

For more on color blocking, follow this link.
For more on jeggings from Kristin, go here.

Alacazem 2011.11.17

 Visible Planets: Morning: Mars and Saturn  Evening: Venus and Jupiter

SagittariusThe recurring monthly time of the “black Moon” has always been one of my favorites. It’s when the night sky is darkest, the stars brightest and the universe most fertile for planting the metaphorical seeds of hope, desire and intention that fuel the inspirational fires of creation and manifestation.

And this week, as the Sun moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius, we are blessed with just that. From Nov. 17th to 24th the Moon wanes, rising later and growing smaller each night, until it disappears entirely behind the Earth’s shadow in the exact conjunction aspect of a solar eclipse/new Moon @ 11:10 pm MST on Nov. 24th.

ScorpioFor all of us, this is an especially powerful time to go inward, dive deep into the watery realm of emotion – the Scorpio underworld of feelings and desires – face our demons, identify our fears and give birth to the bodhisattva – the warrior spirit of Sagittarian faith, courage and inspiration.

Good luck and may the will of the Scorpion and the heart of the Archer be with you!


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November 16, 2011


by Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer copyOver the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion in Internet dating sites. Today, rather than going into the world to find a romantic partner, we sit alone in front a computer and shop for the man or woman of our dreams. Call me a Luddite. Call me a hopeless romantic who’s out of touch with the times, but please share your thoughts with me in person. Direct contact remains the very best way to establish an authentic and meaningful relationship.

On the surface, the Internet seems like an efficient way to fulfill our romantic needs, because Internet dating sites provide an unending pool of potential mates to choose from. They contain features to focus our search and “weed out” people who don’t meet our “ideal.” Trouble is love does not happen on the surface. Love requires a deep commitment to the randomness of life and the use of our five senses.

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November 15, 2011

Christ Church's adult ed. program starts 11/18/2011


Ecllipsing_Empire1-03Over the past year, Telluride Inside… and Out has has enjoyed regular chats with Reverend Pat Bailey of Telluride's Christ Church. Through our conversations, it becomes apparent Pastor Pat, a student of world religions, is somewhat of a radical, particularly in the context of strict constructionism within the church. And it takes one to know and embrace one: Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan are two scholars, who, like Pat, challenge the way Christians think about their faith and church to make the teachings relevant for a 21st century audience.

On Friday, November 18,  noon– 1:30 p.m., Christ Church. 434 West Columbia Avenue, invites all comers to "join" Borg and  Crossan on location in Turkey as they trace the Apostle Paul's footsteps through the Roman Empire. The web-based study explores fresh insights into Paul's message about the Kingdom of God, its challenge to Roman imperial theology and authority, and the apostle's radical relevance for today. The event opens Christ Church's new adult religious ed. program, "Eclipsing Empire."

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Your Ah Haa Moment: A Day with Kent Harris

Kent HarrisTelluride Inside… and Out first interviewed Texas potter Kent Harris in 2009, in support of the artist  who donated a piece to the Ah Haa School's annual auction. Kent, a regular teacher at Ah Haa, returns to town on Friday, November 18, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., to offer a donation-only class. (Materials are $15.)

The heart of Kent's intensive is a series of demonstrations of different forms on and off the wheel, including wheel-thrown mugs, plates, pitchers, and Kent's unique hand-formed bottles. Those interested in making pottery or simply in learning more about the craft are encouraged to attend.

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November 14, 2011

"Bag It" screens online five Sundays starting November 20 on Constellation TV

Bag It posterTelluride talent Suzan Beraza has never let any grass grow under her feet. Just after arriving in town, she co-founded the Telluride Repertory Theatre Company. (Recently merged with SquidShow to form Telluride Theatre.)

Today, as a filmmaker and founder of her own production company, Reel Thing, Suzan has jumped from a small stage to become an actor on the world stage. Her mission: educate and entertain through films such as the award-winning "Bag It," which has inspired an army of fans and followers since premiering at Mountainfilm in Telluride in 2010, including some major celebrities.

Recently, Ellen Degeneres placed "Bag It" at the top of her "Films Ellen Loves" list on her popular website.  

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Telluride artist Brittany Miller gets really creative

Give her a kickstart (or Kickstarter)

Brittany TThe Telluride Foundation's Telluride Gives, a grassroots fundraising campaign, ended Friday, kickstarting a number of worthy projects generated by about 25 regional nonprofits. (Stay tuned to Telluride Inside… and Out for results.) Now longtime Telluride local (14 years) and artist, Brittany Miller, takes the notion of kickstarting to a whole other level. In fact, she is campaigning her latest idea on

Brittany Miller has always seen the glass as half full, dismissing the handle "starving artist" in favor of can-do creative force. It was Brittany along with Jon and Hilary Hubbard (now of High Alpine Coffee Bar at the back of Between the Covers Bookstore) who spearheaded the idea of an artists' cooperative that became Telluride Arts's Stronghouse Studios. Over the years, Brittany has mentored local art students and donated work in support of local nonprofits, including Telluride Arts, the Telluride AIDS Benefit and the Ah Haa School for the Arts. Her latest idea revolves around her most recent body of work, a series entitled "You Are Here."

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